The Albanian Rule of Law Center was founded in 2017 under the belief that human rights and rule of law are the main keys to overcoming social injustice. It was founded by three Albanian nationals, attorney-at-law and associate professor Jordan Daci (member of Legal Experts Advisory Panel (LEAP) of Fair Trials International),US-educated Ermira Bashllari, LLM(who has extensive work experience in promoting justice, human rights and gender equality), and finally Av. MSc. Orgesa Daci, a young professional lawyer specialized in criminal law and committed to improving Albanian justice system. As residents of Albania and longtime legal professionals, they have witnessed firsthand the lack of rule of law in the justice system and the lack of respect for human rights, gender equality, and the right to information. They are committed to making a change by helping to promote the rule of law and human rights, as well as strengthening of the voice Albanian citizens.